CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/DEMS: “So, what’s happening is the Democrats have come to us… They want to help the states. They want help — bailouts. And, you know, bailouts are very tough. And they happen to be Democrat states. It’s California. It’s New York. It’s Illinois. You start with those three.

And the Republican states are in strong shape. You know, I don’t know. Is that luck or is that talent? Or is it just a different mentality? But the Republican-run states are in strong shape.

Look, I looked today, when I spoke — I spoke with Ron DeSantis. He was here yesterday, as I said. And Florida is doing incredibly. Texas is doing incredibly. These states are doing unbelievably. They don’t know about the word ‘bailout.'”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump on Protecting America’s Seniors,” whitehouse.gov, May 1, 2020