SOCIAL MEDIA: “Well, I guess Microsoft wants it [TikTok] and so does Oracle, and probably so do other people, but they have to also make sure the United States is well compensated because we’re the ones making it possible. Very simple: We’re the ones making it possible. So our Treasury has to be very well […]

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CHINA/SOCIAL MEDIA: “[I]f you look at TikTok, we said, it’s OK if it’s bought, if it’s bought by a secure American company, they can buy the whole thing instead of 30 percent, which is the American component. But, if you buy it, the United States, which is making it possible to buy, because without us […]

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BUSINESS/SOCIAL MEDIA: “I told Microsoft — and, frankly, others — if they want to do it, if they make a deal for TikTok — whether it’s the 30 percent in the United States or the whole company, I say, ‘It’s okay. But if you do that, we’re really making it possible because we’re letting you […]

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BUSINESS/SOCIAL MEDIA: “It’s [TikTok] a great asset. It’s a great asset, but it’s not a great asset in the United States unless they have the approval of the United States. So it’ll close down on September 15th, unless Microsoft or somebody else is able to buy it and work out a deal, an appropriate deal. […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/SOCIAL MEDIA: “[TikTok] can’t be controlled for security reasons by China, too big, too invasive, and it can’t be. Here’s the deal. I don’t mind if, whether it’s Microsoft or somebody else, a big company, a secure company, a very American company buy it. It’s probably easier to buy the whole thing than to buy […]

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