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A searchable database containing over 30,000 curated and sourced quotes by and about Donald J. Trump, created in May 2017. We began adding quotes from Joe Biden soon after he became the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee on June 5, 2020. Therefore, searches on most topics will return more Trump than Biden quotes, but we are continuing to add quotes from both 2020 presidential election candidates through the November 3, 2020 election.

ECONOMY/IMPORT TAX/JOBS: “There are many reasons for the steady success of the three major American automakers in recent years, but none are bigger than the surging sales of full-size pickup trucks. General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler dominate the segment in the United States market, and they rely on pickups for a sizable portion […]

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While it probably impossible to truly understand anybody (including ourselves), the quotes and information on this site should give some insight into who Mr. Trump is and isn’t. Many of the quotes come from President Trump’s own tweets, comments and speeches, and from those who know him, including his family and friends, business partners, those […]

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