2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA/DEMS/GOP: “The Republican Party is demanding that Governor Ducey of Arizona immediately provide large-scale security for the brave American Patriots doing the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election. Governor Ducey will be held fully responsible for the safety of those involved. State police or National Guard must be immediately sent out for protection. The […]

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2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA/DEMS: “Why are the Democrats so desperate to stop this Election Fraud from being revealed? That answer is obvious! The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, has been shockingly of zero help to the State Senate. He wants to ‘pretend’ the election was free and fair. What are he and the Maricopa County Commissioners trying […]

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2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA/DEMS/GEORGIA/GOP/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Who is a worse governor, @BrianKempGA of Georgia or @dougducey of Arizona??? These are two RINO Republicans who fought against me and the Republican Party harder than any Democrat. They allowed states that I won easily to be stolen. Never forget, vote them out of office!“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the […]

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2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA/DEMS/GEORGIA/GOP/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “Between Governor @DougDucey of Arizona and Governor @BrianKempGA of Georgia, the Democrat Party could not be happier. They fight harder against us than do the Radical Left Dems. If they were with us, we would have already won both Arizona and Georgia… …We received more LEGAL votes by far. All […]

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2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA/DEMS/GOP/MEDIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “Why is he [Arizona governor Doug Ducey] rushing to put a Democrat in office, especially when so many horrible things concerning voter fraud are being revealed at the hearing going on right now. @OANN What is going on with @dougducey? Republicans will long remember! RT @therecount Gov. Ducey (R-AZ) certifies […]

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ARIZONA/CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/IOWA/JOBS: “Great work by the Governors of AZ, IA, LA, and NM (@DougDucey @IAGovernor @LouisianaGov & @GovMLG) who responded to my Executive Action and promptly submitted applications, that we APPROVED QUICKLY, to support Americans out of work because of the ChinaVirus. More states to come!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, August 15, 2020 5:35 am […]

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ARIZONA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “It’s an honor to be with the governor of a fabulous state, Arizona. It’s Doug Ducey, and we know him well. And we’ve had a tremendous relationship. He had a tremendous, big, very big election victory. And he has done an incredible job on COVID, or COVID-19, or about 19 other names we can […]

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