2020 ELECTION/POLLS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Fake Pollsters at @ABC/@washingtonpost produced a possibly illegal suppression Poll just before the Election showing me down 17 points in Wisconsin when, in fact, on Election Day, the race was even – & we are now preparing to win the state. Many such ‘deplorable’ instances!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, November 11, […]

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2020 ELECTION/IOWA/POLLS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “.@FoxNews, @QuinnipiacPoll, ABC/WaPo, NBC/WSJ were so inaccurate with their polls on me, that it really is tampering with an Election. They were so far off in their polling, and in their attempt to suppress – that they should be called out for Election Interference… …ABC/WaPo had me down 17 points in […]

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FAKE NEWS/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/POLLS “ABC’s Trump In Trouble Poll Surveyed Just 533, Not Likely Voters, Asked Over 20% More Biden Supporters Than Conservatives https://thenationalpulse.com/news/abcs-trump-in-trouble-poll-surveyed-just-533-not-likely-voters-asked-over-20-more-biden-supporters-than-conservatives/ via @TheNatPulse  Total Fake Poll. ABC is just like the rest of them!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 14, 2020 7:04 am […]

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