BIDEN-HARRIS ADMIN/CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it. RT @ABC The U.S. has officially left the Paris Agreement, three years after Pres. Trump announced he would leave the international climate change forum.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, November […]

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2020 ELECTION/CORRUPTION/DEBATES/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY: “Sleepy Joe Biden had a very bad showing last night, despite the fact that [ABC News anchor/town hall moderator] @GStephanopoulos didn’t ask him any questions on his being a ‘corrupt politician’. Big Tech & Lamestream Media are working hard to hide this corruption!!!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 16, 2020 12:44 am […]

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2016 ELECTION/2020 ELECTION/FAKE NEWS/MEDIA/POLLS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “In 2016, the ABC News/Washington Post Poll was such a complete disaster that these two Fake News Organizations changed the numbers prior to the Election. Now these haters are trying the same thing, though on a lesser scale, again. Will have a bigger win than even 2016!“ ––Donald Trump, […]

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2020 ELECTION/FAKE NEWS/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “I just hope the voter understands that they are all Fake News trying hard to push a man that should NEVER be president of our Country. RT @BrentScher When ABC trotted out Trump-haters as ‘undecided,’ the network told us it was unaware @NBCNews doesn’t have that excuse. The ‘undecided’ […]

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ANTIFA/CHRIS WRAY/CIVIL UNREST/FBI/JAMES COMEY/PROTESTS/ROBERT MUELLER: “…And I look at them as a bunch of well funded ANARCHISTS & THUGS who are protected because the Comey/Mueller inspired FBI is simply unable, or unwilling, to find their funding source, and allows them to get away with ‘murder’. LAW & ORDER! RT @ABC ‘We look at antifa as […]

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FAKE NEWS/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA: “If I ever said something so mortifyingly stupid, the Fake News Media would come down on me with a vengeance. This is beyond a normal mistake. Why isn’t the media reporting it? [Note: This tweet includes a link to an ABC News clip titled, ‘Confused Joe Biden falsely claims 120 million Americans died […]

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DEMS/HEALTHCARE/PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS/TAXES: [Jonathan Karl: “You’ve been saying Democrats want to take away preexisting conditions. I mean, it’s your administration that’s supporting a lawsuit that would allow health insurance companies –-“] “No, but I want to replace preexisting conditions and I’ve always been there. What the Democrats are going to do is destroy our entire health […]

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DEMS/HEALTHCARE/PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: [Jonathan Karl: “You don’t really think Democrats want to do away with the requirement to cover preexisting conditions?”] “I don’t think they’re going to have a choice because it’s going to be so bad. So expensive and the health care is going to be terrible. I don’t think they’re going to have a […]

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