CONGRESS/DEMS/IMPEACHMENT: “House Democrats made their case to convict former president Donald Trump of inciting the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol in a sweeping impeachment brief filed with the Senate on Tuesday [Feb. 2, 2021], accusing Trump of jeopardizing the foundations of American democracy by whipping his supporters into a ‘frenzy’ for the sole […]

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CONFEDERATE FLAG/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Look what they’re seeing now with this president. He’s promoting hatred, prejudice, racism. Talking about protecting the Confederate flag when Mississippi takes it off their flag. This is all about the game of making people hate each other. Because that’s how he wins, by dividing us.” -Joe Biden, “Cardi B […]

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CONFEDERATE FLAG/JOE BIDEN/LGBTQ/MILITARY: “Banning the Confederate flag from military installations was long overdue. Banning the LGBTQ Pride flag — the very symbol of diversity and inclusion — is undeniably wrong. The Pentagon should ensure it is authorized, or as President, I will.” -Joe Biden, Twitter.com, July 19, 2020 10:48 am […]

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BLM/CONFEDERATE FLAG/RACISM: “When people proudly have their Confederate flags, they’re not talking about racism. They love their flag, it represents the South, they like the South. People right now like the South. I’d say it’s freedom of many things, but it’s freedom of speech… I’m not offended either by Black Lives Matter. That’s freedom of […]

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BLM/CONFEDERATE FLAG: [Catherine Herridge: “President Trump, back in 2015, you said the Confederate battle flag belongs in a museum. Do you still believe that?”] “All I say is freedom of speech. It’s very simple. My attitude is freedom of speech. Very strong views on the Confederate flag. With me, it’s freedom of speech. Very simple. […]

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