2020 ELECTION/CONGRESS: “The [2020] election numbers are not defensible. Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and probably New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Mexico, and others were all won, and in some cases big, by a certain Republican Presidential Candidate, me. So, after one month, a very public offer to debate, I have no takers—not even the […]

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CANCEL CULTURE/SPORTS: “Anybody that changes the name of the once storied Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians should not be running for the United States Senate representing the Great People of Ohio. The Atlanta Braves didn’t change their name, and the Florida State Seminoles didn’t change their chant, but Cleveland has, and they were there […]

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CANCEL CULTURE/GOP: “The survival of America depends upon our ability to elect Republicans at every level, starting with the midterms next year. We have to get it done. We have to get it done. We have no choice, actually. We have to get it done. Together, we’re going to defend our freedoms. You just take […]

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BUSINESS/GEORGIA/MITCH MCCONNELL/VOTING: “Georgia’s got a lot of difficulties. In this new [voting] law, I don’t believe they have signature matching… it’s very watered down from the original one… It’s very sad that the [Georgia] secretary of state signed the consent decree. Because the consent decree made it very tough for a Republican to win in […]

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CANCEL CULTURE/GOP: “Our security, our prosperity, and our very identity as Americans is at stake, like perhaps at no other time… For the next four years, the brave Republicans in this room will be at the heart of the effort to oppose the radical Democrats, the fake news media, and their toxic cancel culture. Something […]

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CANCEL CULTURE/IMPEACHMENT: ”It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom […]

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CANCEL CULTURE: “What has always allowed America to prevail and triumph over the great challenges of the past has been an unyielding and unashamed conviction in the nobility of our country and its unique purpose in history. We must never lose this conviction. We must never forsake our belief in America… At the center of […]

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CANCEL CULTURE/NATIVE AMERICANS/NFL/OHIO/SPORTS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Oh no! What is going on? This is not good news, even for ‘Indians’. Cancel culture at work! RT @USRealityCheck Cleveland Indians dropping controversial team name The Cleveland Indians are dropping their controversial nickname, according to a report. Following in the footsteps of the Washington Football Team, Cleveland will remove […]

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CANCEL CULTURE: “One of the most sinister weapons of the extreme left culture is a thing called cancel or cancel culture. They want to cancel our entire heritage. If you do not repeat each and every one of their lies, you will be banned, censored, big tech titans, what they do. They harass. They expel. They […]

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