GOP/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “President Biden traveled to Independence Hall on Thursday [September 1, 2022] to warn that America’s democratic values are under assault by forces of extremism loyal to former President Donald J. Trump, using a prime-time address to define the midterm elections as a ‘battle for the soul of this nation.’

In a 24-minute speech, Mr. Biden blamed his predecessor for stoking a movement filled with election deniers and people calling for political violence. He went out of his way to declare that not all Republicans embrace extremism, however, and he said that defending democracy would require rejecting Mr. Trump and his ideology in elections this fall.”

-Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Michael D. Shear, “Biden Warns That American Values Are Under Assault by Trump-Led Extremism,” nytimes.com, September 1, 2022