CENSUS/TRUMP ADMIN: “Former President Donald Trump’s administration alarmed career civil servants at the Census Bureau by not only ending the 2020 national head count early, but also pressuring them to alter plans for protecting people’s privacy and producing accurate data, a newly released email shows…

On Tuesday, the Biden administration’s Scientific Integrity Task Force… issued a report warning that the bureau and other federal statistical agencies ‘must protect against interference in their efforts to create and release data that provide a set of common facts to inform policymakers, researchers, and the public.’ […]

The report presented the Trump administration’s decision to end 2020 census counting early as a case study, noting that the bureau’s internal watchdog, the Commerce Department inspector general’s office, concluded that the rushed schedule put the quality of the results at risk.”

-Hansi Lo Wang, “Trump officials interfered with the 2020 census beyond cutting it short, email shows,” npr.org, January 15, 2022