CORONAVIRUS/VACCINE: “One thing we do get the credit for, from everybody, even the other side, although they try and disparage it as much as possible, was the [coronavirus] vaccine, coming up with a vaccine, but we did something else that people don’t talk about it. I made a bet and I shouldn’t call it a bet because maybe you say speculation, as opposed, but it was somewhat of a bet.

We bought billions and billions of dollars worth of vaccine and all forms of getting that vaccine into your body. The needles, the bottles, the whole thing. We bought millions and billions actually of dollars worth of the vaccine. And we saved a period of a year, maybe more, you wouldn’t have the vaccine right now.

This room would be empty because they would ask me to be here and I would say, ‘No, thank you.’ And you would say the same thing. This would be an empty room right now. And your state would be in a lot of trouble and the country would be in a lot of trouble because you wouldn’t have the vaccine until probably October. It might’ve even been later than that. And one of the things I’m most proud about is we did the vaccine, developed the vaccine, and I pushed the FDA…

We’ve saved millions and millions of lives and we’re very proud of it. And nobody can ever take it away from us because that’s something that’s very, very special.”

-Donald Trump, “Donald Trump Speech Transcript at North Carolina GOP Convention Dinner June 5,” rev.com, June 5, 2021