CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/INDIA/JOBS: “And before the [coronavirus] pandemic came into our shores, we were doing numbers. In history, there’s never been anything like it. Unemployment for everybody, for every group, everybody was the best it’s ever been. We’re up to 160 million people. We were never even close to a number like that.

And then we had this horrible thing come in from China. And we got that one right too, by the way, do you notice, you see what’s going on over the last, it’s called the lab, that was an easy one. Wuhan. But you had this horrible problem come in. And like every other country, we went down and they were saying how well India was, look how well India is doing. Well, India is not doing too well now. And we’ve done an incredible job. And most importantly, with the vaccine, coming up with it, but we’ve done an incredible job.”

-Donald Trump, “Donald Trump Speech Transcript at North Carolina GOP Convention Dinner June 5,” rev.com, June 5, 2021