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On Jan. 20, 2021, Donald Trump’s presidency ended and Joe Biden became president. As of that date, this site contained over 42,000 sourced comments and quotes, with an estimated 92.4% by or about Trump, compared to 7.6% by or about Biden (see methodology).

This site is no longer being updated daily, but we may occasionally add quotes relating to Trump or Biden that seem relevant to the context of the Trump presidency.


MELANIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP FAMILY: [Crowd: “We love you. We love you.”]

“Thank you very much, and we love you. And I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart, this has been an incredible four years. We’ve accomplished so much together.

I want to thank all of my family, and my friends, and my staff, and so many other people for being here. I want to thank you for your effort, your hard work. People have no idea how hard this family worked. They worked. And they worked for you. They could have had a much easier life, but they just did a fantastic job, I just want to thank all of you, everyone…

We’ve accomplished a lot. Our First Lady has been a woman of great grace and beauty and dignity. And so popular with the people. So popular with the people.”

-Donald Trump via PBS NewsHour, “WATCH: Donald and Melania Trump say goodbye in final remarks of his presidency,” YouTube.com, Jan. 20, 2021