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2020 ELECTION/ELECTORAL COLLEGE/GOP: “Republican lawmakers are pressing the Trump loyalists in their party to abandon their objections to President-elect Joe Biden’s win as lawmakers huddle in an undisclosed location Wednesday afternoon to wait out the siege of the Capitol…

The protest of the electoral college results, which began as an organized exercise in the Capitol earlier this afternoon, quickly devolved into chaos as a pro-Trump mob stormed barricades, pushing their way past armed Capitol police and into the congressional office buildings and the Capitol itself, sending both the House and the Senate into lockdown. Lawmakers were evacuated soon after, as protesters occupied the chambers themselves.

As they were pushed out of the Capitol, several Republicans publicly called on President Trump to intervene with his supporters and urge them to stand down.”

-Karoun Demirjian, Seung Min Kim, and Mike DeBonis, “GOP trying to persuade Trump loyalists to abandon challenge to Biden’s win,” washingtonpost.com, Jan. 6, 2021