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2020 ELECTION/GEORGIA: “Every single one of you know that if these ballots are properly audited, if the signatures and envelopes were examined, if the envelopes were correlated to the votes, because you’ll find there are far more ballots than there are envelopes, all you have to do is count them up…

And if the voter rolls are studied, in other words, studied to check the signature. ‘Ms. Smith. Oh, it’s a totally different signature from 2 years ago, from 6 years ago, from 10 years ago. What’s that all about?’

We will find that hundreds of thousands of ballots were illegally cast in your state and all over the country, by the way, more than enough to give us a total historic victory…

Hopefully, our legislatures and the United States Supreme Court will step forward and save our country.”

-Donald Trump via NBC News, “Trump Holds Rally In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoff Election | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Dec. 5, 2020