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2020 ELECTION/DEMS/GEORGIA: “The left lies, they cheat and they steal. They are ruthless and they are hellbent on getting power and control by any means necessary. They investigate you and they prosecute you. The moment you question them, they try and intimidate you. They call you a poor American. You’re not a good American. You don’t love our country. They don’t love our country. They beat you down, shut you up and make you retreat.

That’s what they do. That’s what they’ve done to your governor [Brian Kemp]. They’ve done that to your governor. Your governor should be ashamed of himself. That’s what they want to do right here in Georgia. They want you to be quiet. They want you to go away, but we don’t go away. We don’t go.

It’s the biggest open secret in America that Democrats cheat in elections, this year by sending out 65 million mail-in ballots. They perpetrated the largest fraud in the history of our country.”

-Donald Trump via NBC News, “Trump Holds Rally In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoff Election | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Dec. 5, 2020