DEMS/HOUSING/KAMALA HARRIS: “So the Democrats, let’s say the Democrats, the radical left Democrats, they have an extreme agenda. He’s just a vehicle. He’ll be there for about four weeks or so. Then you’ll have Kamala, Kamala. That will not be the first woman president. You’re going to have a woman president, maybe soon, maybe soon, but you’re not going to have a Kamala. Can’t be Kamala.

She’s further left by far than crazy Bernie. Bernie is like a conservative compared to her, but Biden’s extreme agenda includes a radical vision to destroy suburbs across our nation. How are your suburbs doing? Don’t ask. Are they good? They won’t be good for longer, if they get it.”

-Donald Trump via Fox Business, “Trump delivers remarks at a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Omaha,” YouTube.com, Oct. 27, 2020