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POLICE/PROTESTS: “I think there’s problems, but I also think there’s some very big problems where, if you don’t give the police back their authority — right now, police are afraid they’re going to lose their pension, they’re going to lose their job if they talk to somebody in the wrong way.

When I watched New York, the New York City Police endorse me, and I love them, but I watched six months ago policemen walking down the street and people were dumping water on their head. They had absolutely no fear. They had no absolutely…there was no retribution. I thought it was a low point, I thought it was a low point for New York City’s finest.

And frankly, those people should’ve turn — those cops should’ve turned around and really done something.”

-Donald Trump, “Trump’s ABC News town hall: Full transcript,” abcnews.go.com, Sep. 15, 2020