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HILLARY CLINTON: [Laura Ingraham: “Hillary [Clinton] says you’re not going to leave office if you lose. You’re not going to leave office. How do you respond to her?”]

“I think – I think Hillary is a sick woman. Honestly, she’s deranged. She is – remember the famous debate where she said, will you respect the wishes of the voter? I didn’t say yes or no. I didn’t give her an answer. But it was like, you know, she was saying you must respect. She didn’t. She lost. She wanted to get it again this time, as you know, and she got defeated then too. She wanted it very badly behind the scenes. She worked – – she wanted to be vice president behind the scenes. Hillary is a sick person. She should just take it nice and easy, relax. Go out, vote. Maybe she should go to the poll instead of sending out an unsolicited ballot.”

-Donald Trump, “Donald Trump Jr. says Joe Biden only addressed rioting in America when CNN pointed out it was affecting polls,” foxnews.com, Sep. 1, 2020