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CIVIL UNREST/DHS: “Portland, Oregon, we could have that done so quickly, so easily, your head would spin. It would end immediately. Last night, they attacked the mayor’s house. It’s ridiculous.

All they have to do is ask, and we’ll be there within — literally within minutes. We’re set. We’re all set to go in. We already have a big force; they’re protecting the courthouse and it’s totally protected. We have 300 people; they’re Homeland Security. It’s totally protected…

In Oregon, we have Portland, which is just every night — 93 nights. And every day we call: ‘Do you want us? Do you want us?’ And last night, they attacked very viciously the mayor’s house, and we were ready to go in, just in case, if it got any worse. But it was bad. And this man just stands here and says, ‘No, we have a democracy. It’s…’ You don’t have a democracy when that happens, actually; you have the opposite of a democracy.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump During Emergency Operations Center Tour | Kenosha, WI,” whitehouse.gov, Sep. 1, 2020