HILLARY CLINTON/MITT ROMNEY/OBAMA: “I almost ran in the — I call it the Romney year. He should have won that race easily. That should have been a race that was won easily. He choked. But that was one that would have, I think, been easier than beating Hillary. That was second term Obama. He had a horrible four years. I think that one would have — That was too bad. But I almost did that, but I had a contract. I was building buildings and I wanted to get everything finished and perfect…

I think actually beating Obama would have been easier than beating Hillary Clinton, because you had the first woman and you had a lot of things happening. But I think that beating Obama in the second term would have been actually easier. I’d been thinking about it over the years, almost did it four years before.”

-Donald Trump, “EXCLUSIVE: OAN’s Chanel Rion Interviews President Trump,” oann.org, Aug. 28, 2020