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VOTE BY MAIL/VOTING: “[T]hey’re going to mail out 80 million ballots. It’s impossible. They have no idea.

Who’s mailing them? Mostly Democrat states and Democrat governors. Well, supposing they don’t mail them to Republican neighborhoods. That means they’re not going to get them. So they’re going to complain and the election’s going to be over…

This is the greatest scam in the history of politics, I think, and I’m talking about beyond our nation. And they act like they’re aggrieved. Like by saying this, we’re saying such a horrible thing. We’re not patriotic by saying this.

No, we voted during World War I. We voted at the voting booth during World War II. The pandemic, we’re doing very well and people know how to handle it… It’s very safe. It’s going to be very safe.”

-Donald Trump, “12:36 pm President Trump makes surprise appearance during RNC roll,” c-span.org, Aug. 24, 2020