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JOE BIDEN/VOTE BY MAIL: “But see, under their plan where they send these ballots, you don’t have to want to vote. You get the ballot and then they have harvesting. They get guys to go, ‘Do you want to vote?’ ‘No, not really, but I have a ballot.’ ‘All right, good. Who’s it for?’ ‘Sleepy Joe Biden.’ ‘Now put it here, sign. Okay. Could I have it?’ And they’ll take it…

So people that don’t want to vote are going to be sitting there… If you talk about 80 million ballots, it’s 80 million, it could even be higher than that. I used to say 51 million, now it’s 80 million. They said, ‘Sir, you’re a little obsolete with the 51.’ I said, ‘All right, what is it?’ ’80.’ I said, ’80!’ How is it possible?

Think of it, they’ll be sending them, they’ll be dumping them in neighborhoods. People are going to be picking them up. They’ll be bribing. They’ll be paying off people to grab some. This is going to be one of the greatest scams. And it’s common sense. This has nothing to do with politics. It’s common sense.”

-Donald Trump, “12:36 pm President Trump makes surprise appearance during RNC roll,” c-span.org, Aug. 24, 2020