HOUSING/JOE BIDEN: “They [Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden] want to enforce Obama-Biden’s radical AFFH [Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing] regulation that threatens to strip localities of federal affordable housing funds unless they change the zoning laws to fit the federal government’s demands. So the AFFH is a disaster. It’s been a disaster.

It’s ruining the suburbs, it’s destroying the suburbs, it’s bringing down values of houses, and it’s bringing up crime and I will be telling you, I think maybe, for just about the first time that I’m eliminating the AFFH. People are surprised to hear that but we’re eliminating.

When people work so hard to live in a certain community, we shouldn’t be destroying that community. And everybody, they’ve worked hard, all. Race, color, creed, they want to be in a neighborhood, then all of a sudden, the government comes on. They want to destroy everything that they’ve built.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Factbase, “Remarks: Donald Trump Holds a Virtual Arizona Tele-Rally – July 18, 2020,” factba.se, July 18, 2020