GERMANY/NATO/RUSSIA: “Germany takes advantage of us on trade for years. They pay far too little in NATO, they’re paying one percent and they’re supposed to pay 2 percent. And nobody talks about that. You know, it’s sort of interesting, if you look at Russia, Russia lost 50 million people in World War II, 50 million. They were fighting along with us, they were our partner, and now we don’t talk to Russia, we talk to Germany…

It’s fine. I want to talk to Germany. My father was born — you know, Germany it’s in my heritage. It might be in your heritage. I’m not saying anything wrong. I’m just saying how come we talk to some people, we don’t talk to others? Where does it go? So — and it is true as you look — take a look at World War II. Take a look at the staggering losses that they — and they were fighting with us. We were partners in World War II.”

-Donald Trump, “Fox & Friends 3/30/20 FULL 10AM Trump Breaking News March 30, 2020,” YouTube.com, Mar. 30, 2020