CENTRAL AMERICA/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP BUSINESS: “For years, the Trump Organization used undocumented workers to tend to its hotels, golf courses and other properties, even as Donald Trump railed against the threat of illegal immigration as both a candidate and president. This year, faced with a public reckoning after some of those workers came forward, the organization has been cracking down. Dozens have been fired. The company vowed to follow what was already a widespread industry practice of using E-Verify checks to confirm employment eligibility. Leaders issued messages to laborers that they would need to show proof that they could work. Immigrants from places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico have left their jobs. Then, on Monday, after harvests were complete at Trump Winery in Virginia, the organization fired several more.”

Mike Baker, “Firings at Trump Property Cap Year of Purging Undocumented Workers,” The New York Times online, December 31, 2019