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ECONOMY/JOE BIDEN/MIDDLE CLASS: “Look, my north star is the middle class. When the middle class does well, everybody does well.”

[Chris Cuomo: “How do you do better for them, economically, if not with these 70 percent tax rates?”]

“Well, three things, one, I do raise the tax rate to 39.5 percent. I do, in fact, eliminate the ability for them to write-off capital gains the way to do it. And I would raise the — and raise billions of dollars, raise the corporate tax rate from 20 percent to 28 percent. It was 36 to 28 percent. I’d raise billions of dollars…

Ask these people who work in this restaurant how that economy came up for them. Ask them how good they feel about them. Ask them how the stock market is really helping. Ask how driving $2 trillion greater in debt has done anything for them?”

-Joe Biden, “At This Hour,” transcripts.cnn.com, July 5, 2019