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BORDER/DEMS/FEDERAL FUNDING/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Emotion, tears and tense confrontations were on display as House Democrats fought over an emergency border aid bill in a debate that deepened the divide between progressives and moderates, further fracturing the unity Democrats have long trumpeted. Progressives were outraged when Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday [6-27-19] that the House would take up — and pass — a bill approved by the GOP-controlled Senate, and which progressives argued did not do enough to protect children in government custody. The Senate bill had overwhelming bipartisan support. Moderate Democrats, on the other hand, argued that they care about the issue just as much and wanted to see aid enacted as quickly as possible, especially as Congress faced a deadline to keep open an important agency that works with refugees. Trying to negotiate the bill could have further delayed funding for what both parties describe as a humanitarian crisis at the border. The fight proved a high-profile test of Pelosi’s ability to keep her caucus together on one of the most sensitive issues for Democrats: immigration.”

Clare Foran, Ashley Killough and Lauren Fox, “Border funding bill fractures House Democratic progressives and moderates,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, June 28, 2019 2:01 pm