IMMIGRATION/STEPHEN MILLER/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “When self-inflicted damage left Donald J. Trump’s poll numbers sagging shortly after the Republican National Convention in 2016, the solution was to reframe the race around an incendiary issue that has animated Mr. Trump for decades: immigration. Mr. Trump went to Arizona, where a year before he had first embraced the families of people killed by unauthorized immigrants, to give a major speech endorsing policies coveted by the most extreme immigration hard-liners…The person who helped crystallize Mr. Trump’s longstanding impulses around immigration into a political platform was Stephen Miller, his chief policy adviser. Now, as Mr. Trump searches anew for an electoral advantage, this time with his party’s control of Congress at stake in Tuesday’s [11-6-18] midterm vote, Mr. Miller is again at his side.”

Maggie Haberman, “A Familiar Force Nurtures Trump’s Instincts on Immigration: Stephen Miller,” The New York Times online, November 4, 2018