CALIFORNIA/IMMIGRATION/SANCTUARY CITIES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Taking a jab at Gov. Jerry Brown, President Trump’s top immigration chief on Wednesday [1-3-18] said he was preparing to ‘significantly increase’ his agency’s enforcement presence in California because of last year’s passage of a landmark ‘sanctuary state’ law…
The comments were the latest salvo between Trump immigration officials and California leaders over the law that took effect Jan. 1.
The law prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies from using personnel or funds to hold or question people, or share information about them with federal immigration agents, unless they have been convicted of one or more offenses from a list of 800 crimes.
The ‘sanctuary state’ law was the centerpiece of legislative proposals last year that sought to challenge Trump’s stance on illegal immigration and provide protection for immigrants in the face of the president’s threat of mass deportations…
Research has shown sanctuary cities have lower crime rates and that immigrants generally commit fewer crimes than U.S. citizens. But on Fox News Wednesday, Homan stuck to a strategy Trump has used throughout his campaign and tenure as president: highlighting cases of people killed by immigrants who were in the country illegally.”

-Jazmine Uloa, “ICE is increasing presence in California because of ‘sanctuary state’ law, says Trump immigration chief,” The Los Angeles Times online, Jan. 3, 2017 07:52am