2016 ELECTION/CAMPAIGN/FBI/INTELLIGENCE/RUSSIA: “The top two senators on a key Senate Judiciary subcommittee are at odds over whether FBI Director James Comey privately assured them that he would confirm by Wednesday [3-15-17] whether there’s a criminal investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia.
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said Comey privately told him and Sen. Lindsey Graham that he would let them know by their Wednesday afternoon hearing on Russia whether there’s an active probe into the matter.
‘Yes, he said he will have an answer for us by the hearing’ Wednesday, the Rhode Island Democrat told CNN Tuesday.
But Graham disputed Whitehouse’s claim Wednesday telling CNN’s Kate Bolduan that the FBI director made no assurances to make the March 15 deadline.
Asked if he thought he’d get an answer by Wednesday, the South Carolina Republican responded, ‘I have no idea.’
The FBI has not responded to a CNN request for comment on whether Comey will respond by Wednesday.”

-Manu Raju and Tom LoBianco, “Senators dispute whether Comey will say whether FBI probing Russia, Trump campaign by deadline,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, March 15, 2017