HEALTHCARE/OBAMACARE(ACA)/POLITICS: “The Republican drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act advanced on Thursday [3-9-17] as two House committees approved broad legislation to undo the law and replace it with a more modest system of tax credits and a rollback of President Barack Obama’s Medicaid expansion.
The House Energy and Commerce Committee endorsed the legislation on a party-line vote of 31 to 23 after a session that lasted more than 27 hours. The House Way and Means Committee had approved the measure in a predawn session on Thursday. The House Budget Committee must give its approval to the measure next week before a final House vote that Speaker Paul D. Ryan plans for the week of March 20.
Republicans said they were fulfilling a political promise to uproot a law that had done untold damage.”

-Robert Pear and Thomas Kaplan, “G.O.P. Health Bill Clears 2 House Panels After Marathon Sessions,” The New York Times online, March 9, 2017