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NATIONAL SECURITY/RUSSIA/TRUMP PEOPLE/ROGER STONE: “Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone admitted that he had a ‘perfectly legal back channel’ to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The Huffington Post reports that Stone, a close friend of President Donald Trump tweeted the statement, then deleted it on Saturday. Stone denied having direct contact with Assange but said in October that he and Assange ‘have a good mutual friend’.
He even tweeted this tweet about Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta before the Wikileaks emails were released.
Stone’s admission of a link between himself and Assange comes at a time when allegations against him and the Trump administration having ties with Russia are being investigated.
In an interview with CBS, Stone said this about an investigation into his ties with Russia ‘Sure, they’ll get my grocery lists.’ ‘They may get the emails between my wife and I, but here’s what they won’t get ? any contact with the Russians.’ He calls the investigation into his alleged ties with Russia a ‘witch hunt’. Something President Trump, himself has said in a tweet about the Russian investigation.”

 – “Trump confidant Roger Stone admits WikiLeaks collusion, then deletes it,” Aol.com, March 6, 2017, Josh King, 3/6/2017