TRUMP FAMILY/TIFFANY: “Tiffany Trump has applied to some of the nation’s most elite law schools, but will her status as the president’s youngest daughter affect her admission?

Inevitable comparisons are being made to the Reese Witherspoon movie Legally Blonde after a photo was posted on social media showing the 23-year-old on a tour of Harvard Law School last year.

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz is a retired Harvard Law professor. He spoke to Inside Edition about what could happen once her application is considered at Harvard.

‘Having the Trump will bring name will bring her to the attention of the admissions committee, without a doubt. They will focus on it. They will ask the question, *What does it means to have the Trump daughter in our class?* Plus, she is going to have to make it on her own merits,’ he said…

If she did attend Harvard in the fall, she will in the area at the same time as Malia Obama, who is set to begin her undergrad work at the school.”

Inside Edition, “Will Tiffany Trump’s last name help or harm her application to America’s most elite law schools?,” Inside Edition, March 6, 2017