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CABINET/EDUCATION/TRUMP PEOPLE/BETSY DEVOS: “What she said: DeVos said during her confirmation hearing that that she had not been involved in her family’s foundation, which has given millions of dollars to Focus on the Family, a conservative non-profit that, among other things, has pushed the benefits of conversion therapy for LGBT men and women.
Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan pointed out that she sits on the board, to which DeVos responded, ‘I do not.’
What really happened: DeVos later said at her confirmation hearing that a ‘clerical error’ is what led to her being listed as an officer of her mother’s multi-million-dollar foundation, which made the donations. She was listed as a vice president of the charity for 17 consecutive years, including most recently in the organization’s 2014 tax filing.”

 – Daniella Diaz, “Sessions isn’t the only Cabinet member who gave testimony that turned out not to be true,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, March 4, 2017