FBI/INTELLIGENCE/OBAMA/POLITICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee told CNN Friday he has not ‘seen any evidence whatsoever to substantiate’ President Donald Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration during the campaign.
‘I think when (press secretary) Sean Spicer isn’t even willing to talk about it, you know there’s a real problem,’ Rep. Adam Schiff said.
Asked if FBI Director James Comey is prepared to talk about the issue, Schiff replied, ‘he certainly is prepared for the question, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t answer it. He might even welcome the opportunity.’
Schiff, a California Democrat, noted that it is still early in the investigation.”

-Manu Raju, “Schiff: I haven’t seen any evidence Obama admin wiretapped Trump,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, March 3, 2017