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CABINET/ETHICS/TRUMP FAMILY/JARED KUSHNER: “The Trump administration has struggled with ethics vetting for Cabinet nominees and faced criticism for the president’s decision to remain invested in his business empire. When Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, prepared to enter the White House, however, the administration sought to do it by the book.
That is the picture established by new emails, obtained by MSNBC, showing how Kushner’s lawyers worked on a divestment plan to avoid conflicts by conferring with the Office of Government Ethics. That is the same office that Trump aides iced out during the transition period and that has clashed with the president over his decision not to divest from the Trump Organization.”

 – Ari Melber, “Kushner Took a Stricter Approach on Ethics Than Trump, Emails Show,” NBC News, Feb. 19, 2017