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TRUMP FAMILY/MELANIA: “The Trumps haven’t been in the White House for a month yet, and details are already emerging that the billionaire family is growing unhappy in its new role.
It was reported last week that President Trump is getting frustrated with the challenges of the presidency, and now US Weekly is reporting Melania Trump finds it ‘miserable’ to be the first lady of the United States.
According to the magazine, with all the constant scrutiny and laundry list of duties that come with being the first lady, Mrs. Trump has grown ‘unhappy with how her life ended up.’
‘She is miserable,’ a Trump family source said in the report on Wednesday [2-15-17]. ‘This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s.’ “

 – William Steakin, “Report claims Melania Trump is ‘miserable’ as America’s first lady,” Aol.com, Feb. 15, 2017