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IMMIGRATION/TRAVEL BAN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The war between Trump and Silicon Valley is set to escalate. Bloomberg reported that another executive order, still being drafted, will overhaul the entire work-visa program on which Silicon Valley relies. Here, too, is an opportunity for Canada. If the Americans don’t want the highly skilled mobile people of the world, we do.
Canada has always defined itself with and against America. In the age of Trump, we are defining ourselves by our openness in a world closing off. Trudeau has explicitly defined Canada as a post-national country — the ideal place for the globalized tech sector to flourish. So if you want to live in a stable, liberal economy, open to immigrants and unafraid of otherness, start packing. Bring a warm coat.
Stephen Marche is the author of the forthcoming book ‘The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth About Men and Women.’ “

 – Stephen Marche, “Trump and his immigration politics are redefining Canada, and helping its tech sector,” The Los Angeles Times online, Feb. 13, 2017