ATTORNEY GENERAL/CABINET/JEFF SESSIONS: "Sessions said he would respect the 1973 Supreme Court decision allowing abortion and the more recent Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage — even if he doesn't agree with the court's decisions.
'I believe it violated the Constitution,' Sessions said in response to a question from Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein about whether he stands by his past statements calling Roe v. Wade a 'colossal' mistake.
'It is the law of the land, it has been settled for some time. … I will respect it and follow it,' Sessions said.
Likewise, Sessions said same-sex marriage is settled.
'The Supreme Court has ruled on that, the dissents dissented vigorously, but it was 5-4 and … I will follow that decision,' he said."

 – “Sessions takes on racism charges; pledges to recuse himself from Clinton probes,” CNN Politics, Jan 10, 2017, Tal Kopan, 1/10/2017

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