ATTORNEY GENERAL/CABINET/JEFF SESSIONS: "When Sen. Patrick Leahy asked Sessions if he agreed with Trump that people of a certain religion should be barred from entering the United States, Sessions first corrected the Vermont Democrat.
'I believe the president-elect has, subsequent to that statement, made clear that he believes the focus should be on individuals coming from countries that have a history of terrorism,' Sessions said. That's true: Trump did back off his initial proposal to ban Muslims, and it's a stance Sessions has supported.
But when Trump initially called for a ban on Muslims entering the country, Congress voted on a resolution in response to Trump. The resolution stated that the United States must not ban individuals based on religion and Sessions voted against it.
'In the resolution, it was suggesting that you could not seriously consider a person's religious views,' Sessions explained at his hearing. 'Many people do have religious views that are inimical to the public safety of the United States.' "

 – “5 Takeaways From Jeff Sessions’ Attorney General Hearing, So Far,” NPR.com, Jan 10, 2017, Meg Anderson, 1/10/2017

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