DEBATES: “Getting ready to watch the debate— as they say ‘let’s get ready to rumble’! [8:46:19 PM] Why hasn’t Obama created jobs? [9:07:13 PM] Why has Obama let China and others take our jobs? [9:07:29 PM] Obama keeps saying that he will do something— but why hasn’t he done it? It’s all talk. [9:26:42 PM] Obama just said @MittRomney was ‘a very successful investor’— big mistake for Obama to admit- he has less and less credibility. [9:37:49 PM] Obama is looking rhetorical and weak. @MittRomney is looking strong and sharp. [9:43:29 PM] Obama weak on immigration. All words, no action. He’s been Prez 4 years. [10:12:13 PM] Obama keeps namedropping Bill Clinton– he is no Bill Clinton. [10:12:24 PM] .@MittRomney much better on Libya and Middle East problems. Obama has no answer. [10:17:33 PM] Such long rhetorical and boring answers from Obama. No wonder nothing gets done. [10:23:05 PM] You talk tough, Mr. President, but have done nothing about China killing our jobs and economy. [10:31:46 PM]

 – 10/16/2012, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 10/16/2012