11,553. 11/14/2017

GOP/HEALTHCARE/OBAMACARE(ACA)/TAXES: “Senate Republicans signaled Tuesday [11-14-17] they would seek to repeal the Affordable Care Act requirement that most Americans must have insurance coverage as part of their tax-overhaul package, adding an uncertain element to an already complex legislative effort.
The package is expected to be released later Tuesday. GOP Senate members met to discuss the repeal measure, which President Donald Trump has said should be part of the tax plan.
GOP leaders have been cautious about bogging down the tax bill with controversial health-care provisions, but have been suggesting they could include the repeal because it would generate revenue that could be used to pay for tax cuts elsewhere…
Mr. Trump has pushed GOP lawmakers to repeal the mandate despite pressure from industry and medical groups to preserve it.”

-Stephanie Armour and Kristina Peterson, “Senate GOP Tax Plan to Include Repeal of Health Law Individual Mandate,” The Wall Street Journal online, Nov. 14, 2017 03:57pm

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