CRYPTOCURRENCY: “Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s non-fungible token (NFT) digital trading card collection sold out early Friday [December 16, 2022], the day after its initial release. According to data from OpenSea, at time of writing, the collection’s trading volume is 900 ETH, or about $1.08 million. Its floor price is about 0.19 ETH, or about […]

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CRYPTOCURRENCY/TRUMP BUSINESS: “Former President Trump on Thursday announced a line of digital trading cards [NFT] bearing his likeness after teasing a day earlier that he would be making a ‘major announcement.’ While some speculated the announcement would be related to the Speaker race playing out among House Republicans or Trump’s largely inactive 2024 presidential campaign, […]

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CRYPTOCURRENCY/MELANIA: “Funds used to win an auction of Melania Trump’s first NFT were traced back to a wallet that belongs to the creators of the project… The former first lady delved into the booming world of digital collectibles late last year. And in late January, her website showed the NFT from the ‘Head of State […]

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