26,050. 6/26/2019

TRUMP FAMILY/TRUMP PEOPLE: “A Chicago waitress was placed on leave after Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, accused her of spitting on him while he was having dinner on Tuesday [6-25-19] night. An official with the Trump Organization, where Mr. Trump is an executive vice president, said the woman who spit on him was immediately handcuffed and detained by the Secret Service and the Chicago police. She was released after about two hours when Mr. Trump decided not to press charges. The episode on Tuesday at The Aviary, an upscale cocktail bar just west of downtown Chicago, was not the first time someone close to President Trump has reported harassment while out in public. Last year, protesters shouted ‘Shame!’ while Kirstjen Nielsen, then the secretary of homeland security, ate at a Mexican restaurant in Washington. Also last year, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was then the White House press secretary, was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant because of her political work.” 

Mitch Smith, “Waitress Spit on Eric Trump at Chicago Bar, Trump Organization Says,” The New York Times online, June 26, 2019

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