2024 ELECTION: “Sen. Mitt Romney stopped by ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday to examine the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, the Kate Cox abortion case in Texas and, of course, leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump. Of the latter, the 2012 presidential candidate told Kristen Welker, ‘Donald Trump is kind of a human gumball machine, which is a thought or a notion comes in, and it comes out of his mouth. There’s not a lot of filter that goes on.’

‘There’s not a lot of, ‘What’s the implication?’ No, no,’ Romney continued. ‘He just says whatever. I don’t attach an enormous amount of impact to the particular words that come out and trying to evaluate each one of them.'”
-Stephanie Kaloi, “Mitt Romney Calls Donald Trump a ‘Human Gumball Machine’ Because a Thought ‘Comes in, and it Comes Out of His Mouth’ | Video,” thewrap.com, December 10, 2023