LEGAL/NEW YORK: “The Corrupt A.G.’s Fake Trial in New York should be immediately ended. The highly political Judge is being CONNED by the Racist A.G. He made up his mind before learning the facts. My Net Worth is substantially MORE than what is listed on my Financial Statements, and there is a 100% DISCLAIMER CLAUSE on each document. THEREFORE, THERE IS NO FRAUD! Also, the banks are big, strong, and well represented by the best and most prestigious law firms in the Country. There were NO DEFAULTS – ALL LOANS WERE PAID IN FULL, EARLY, OR CURRENT. They made their maximum, and are ‘thrilled.’ Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James is a total Wack Job, as MURDERS AND VIOLENT CRIME HIT RECORD HIGHS IN NEW YORK. PEOPLE, BUSINESSES, & TAX REVENUES ARE FLEEING NEW YORK AS OUR POLITICALLY BIASED & INCOMPETENT ATTORNEY GENERAL SITS IN COURT ALL DAY & SEES WHAT A GREAT, & HIGHLY LIQUID, COMPANY I BUILT, WITH SOME OF THE MOST FABULOUS ASSETS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. END THIS ELECTION INTERFERENCE WITCH HUNT, NOW!!!”

-Donald Trump, Truth Social, October 7, 2023