2020 ELECTION/GEORGIA/LEGAL: “Former President Donald J. Trump was booked at an Atlanta jail on Thursday [August 24, 2023] in his fourth criminal arrest this year, this time in a sweeping racketeering case accusing him and his allies of conspiring to reverse his 2020 election loss in Georgia.

Mr. Trump flew to Atlanta in a private plane from Newark, N.J., and was whisked to the Fulton County Jail in a motorcade with a police escort, arriving at 7:35 p.m. He was then fingerprinted and photographed like other people accused of state crimes and released on bond…

Mr. Trump’s bond was set at $200,000 on Monday [August 21, 2023]… Mr. Trump was listed in the Fulton County booking system as having “blonde or strawberry” hair, a height of 6 foot 3 inches and weight of 215 pounds. That weight is 24 pounds less than the White House doctor reported Trump weighed in 2018.”

-Richard Fausset and Danny Hakim, “Trump Surrenders at Atlanta Jail in Election Interference Case,” nytimes.com, August 24, 2023