JOE BIDEN/LEGAL/VETS: “Former President Donald Trump went to New Hampshire Tuesday to deliver a speech on veterans, but he wound up viciously attacking prosecutors in the legal cases against him and suggesting he would continue to do so even if a judge orders him to stop.

‘They took the gloves off, and we can say whatever we want,’ Trump told cheering supporters at a New Hampshire high school, blaming President Joe Biden and his administration for all of his legal problems and accusing them of wrongdoing instead.

Trump devoted most of his speech to veterans’ health care issues, saying he would lessen waiting times for medical care, reduce veterans’ rates of suicide and homelessness, get rid of ‘woke lunacy’ in the military and generally improve the system for retired military personnel.”

-David Jackson, “Donald Trump was supposed to deliver his pitch to veterans. He unloaded on his indictments.,” usatoday.com, August 8, 2023