2020 ELECTION: “We got 12 million more votes [in the 2020 election] than we had in – as you know, in 2016. I actually say we did far better in that election, got the most that anybody’s ever gotten as a sitting president of the United States.

I think that, when you look at that result and when you look at what happened during that election, unless you’re a very stupid person, you see what happens.

A lot of the people – a lot of the people in this audience and perhaps maybe a couple that don’t, but most people understand what happened.

That was a rigged election, and it’s a shame that we had to go through it. It’s very bad for our country. All over the world, they looked at it, and they saw exactly what everyone else saw.”

-Donald Trump via CNN, “READ: Transcript of CNN’s town hall with former President Donald Trump,” cnn.com, May 11, 2023